• Double-height dining area

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    Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 13.00.01
    Presided over by a show-stopping cast-bronze cow’s head by Tessa Campbell Fraser, this double-height space personifies urban country style. The muted colour scheme is livened up with hits of orange and lush greenery, light bounces off the polished boards and white adds to the feeling of airiness. The vintage pieces, meanwhile, also help make this room special – how amazing is that cascading Italian chandelier and who wouldn’t want to pull up a chair at the supersized dining table or park themselves on one of those comfy reupholstered armchairs? Um, we’re up for a country escape this weekend should an invite be in the offing…

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    Chic en suite

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    Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.29.17
    Now this is what we call a cool room. No shelves to get cluttered up, sleek, tactile surfaces that are easy to keep clean and a vast slipper bath just made for a long, languid soak. Put a large-scale artwork on the wall to admire and you’re all set. See you in an hour or three…

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    Monochrome bedroom

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    Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 12.05.55
    The black and white combo may generally be considered to be a safe choice, but the way this particular scheme has been put together is nothing if not edgy. Striking, clashing patterns and bold geometric shapes are worked to the max and have something of a tropical vibe. The large-scale polka dots on the plush rug, meanwhile, are another unexpected touch. We like to call the look monochrome with a twist.

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    Heavenly bathroom

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    Sometimes we all feel an angel on our shoulder, whispering to us about the finer things in life. It could be about being a better neighbour (yes, that party the other week was very loud) or trying not to get too het up when the software you’ve installed refuses to work. Or maybe it’s advising you how best to decorate a new space in the house – whether the blue walls in this bathroom, for example, work well with the polished-travertine floor and vintage landscape. But in this case, the little minx is daring us to step on the scales after that blow-out last night. Go on, you know you have to…

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