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    Imagine you only ever had to buy one food mixer/printer/set of pans/umbrella! for your entire life because they all had in-built staying power. That would make for one happy planet and one healthy bank balance, right? That’s the thinking behind pioneering eco-company BuyMeOnce.com, which is on a mission to shake up the way we shop in the long term. 

    Says CEO and Founder Tara Button, ‘BuyMeOnce.com was born out of the belief that customers want products that are made to last. 
    Our job here is to find them and bring them all together. We want to make buying things that are built to last easy.’

    The website offers more than 1,000 long-lasting products from a range of high-end brands. Think heirloom-quality pots and pans, including these naturally non-stick Solidteknics designs, above, from £99.90 for a skillet, which have a multi-century warranty.

    With its chic classic design, the Ankarsrum Assistent food mixer, above and top, £495, boasts the longest warranty period of all the mixers on the market – five years compared with the standard one. Made of chrome and steel, with an 800-watt motor, the Swedish creation has been a star since the Forties and has consistently been voted ‘best in test’ over the decades.

    Bamix’s Swissline hand blender, above, £184.91, which was designed in 1950, comes with a ten-year motor guarantee and a promise that the manufacturers will replace any worn-out parts indefinitely. This beauty has seriously longevity and all the power you need to battle it out Bake Off style.

    Able to write underwater, over grease and in zero gravity, the Nasa-tested Fisher Bullet Space pen, above, from £15.49, has a – get this – lifetime guarantee and will write for a person’s entire time on Earth.

    And every music lover needs Bokeh London’s ingenious Bamboombox speaker, above in Bronze, from £25. A total eco star that’s crafted from bamboo, it’ll pump up the tunes from your iPhone or tablet to foot tapping/move-busting effect.

    Head on over to BuyMeOnce.com now to check out the equally epic long-term buys on offer – from sustainable clothing to forever umbrellas, second top, and super-stylish lifetime-warranty sunglasses, above, it’s set to be the thoughtful shopper’s new one-stop shop.

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