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    Enthusiastically inspired by pop art, the new True Romance wallpaper by Mini Moderns has the look and feel of an authentic romantic comic strip.

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    London-based design duo Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire, the co-founders of the company, grew up reading the comic strips in their sisters’ magazines and this print, part of the new Saturday Night/Sunday Morning collection, is a fun homage to their teenage years in the North during the Eighties.

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    Set against a quartet of gorgeous colourways – Welsh Slate, top; Snow and Gold, second topLido, above; and Tangerine Dream, below – it depicts a sweet boy-meets-girl tale of a hapless heroine who almost ruins her Saturday night date by missing the bus! Luckily for her, however, her bae is the forgiving kind and doesn’t mind going without a night at the movies as long as he can hang out with her. What a great guy…
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     The True Romance wallpaper costs £50 per roll. Happy ending guaranteed.






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