• Dulux’s autumn/winter colour trends

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    If you’re wondering what shades to paint your home this autumn, look no further – Dulux‘s autumn/winter trend story Big Nature + Small Me, is sure to inspire. The trend’s buzz words include ‘authentic’, ‘adventure’, ‘natural’ and ‘strong’, and features rich, earthy desert tones and colours evocative of striking landscapes such as Ayers Red, Intrepid Cave, and Powdered Heather. 


    The tonal palette was conceived to bring a calming warmth and cosiness to interior spaces, as Dulux’s Senior Global Colour Designer Louise Tod explains ‘Wrapped up in a modern world that is often rigid, we long for a simpler way that is natural, free and – crucially – offline.’ This concept of longing for nature extends beyond the choice of colours too, with Dulux’s application of paint forming an important part of the trend; rough edges, imperfect colour gradients and improbable shade pairings all contribute to the natural mood.


    Above: From left to right: Polar Pink, Sumatran Melody 2, Burnt Desert.


    Above: Top to bottom; Niagara Blues 4, Labrador Sands 2.

    Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 16.48.49

    Above: back wall; Sunflower Symphony 3; right wall, Labrador Sands 2.

    Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 16.48.37

    Above: fireplace; Burnt Desert.

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