• House Tourists Part I

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    Lynne Bateman at House No.6

    Lynne Bateman, Sign Language Interpreter 

    What do you like about House No.6? The weather-boarding style panelling makes it feel like you’re at the seaside, not in London.

    Where do you shop for homewares? Ikea and anywhere that sells Oriental Antiques

    Favourite Livingetc house? This one, that’s why I booked the tickets for this tour.

    Suzanne Sales at House No.2

    Suzanne Sales, Graphic designer, illustrator, wannabe property developer and full-time mum

    What do you like about this House No.2? The high ceilings and generous proportions and the amount of windows and light. Also I really like the rug (by Sinclair Till) in the lounge and the general mix of old and new.

    What’s your favourite design classic? We’ve got Kartell’s Bourgie, I love that.

    And which Livingetc house do you love the most? I’ve got every issue. I loved Paula Barnes house (‘And the rest is history’, LE Nov. 2009) that had a table with a blackboard top and the floor to ceiling grey bookcase in grey, it inspired our kitchen bookcase.

    Frances Ambler and Roxanne Peters at House No.1

    Frances Ambler, Editor and writer and Roxanne Peters, IP manager for the V&A

    What do you like about House No.1? Frances: The sleek and clever built-in storage and the fabric, wall-hung storage vessels.

    Roxanne: The radiators and walk-in wardrobe

    What’s your favourite design classic? Frances: The Florence Knoll sideboard

    Roxanne: The Penguin Donkey Bookcase

    Where do you shop for homeware? Frances: Skandium, Marimekko and the V&AShop

    Roxanne: the Southbank Centre for fabrics

    Hazel Fernandes at House No.2

    Hazel Fernandes, Singer (just back from touring South America with Jamiroquai)

    What do you love about House No.2? The scale and potential. Also in the girl’s bedroom I love the Missoni fabric and the padded silver wardrobe doors.

    Where do you find inspiration for doing up your own home? The hotels I stay at on tour, we just stayed at an amazing place in Guadalajara, Hotel Demetria.

    What’s your favourite design classic? The Eames dining chair.

    Jenny Lam at House No.6

    Jenny Lam, Fashion Designer from Richmond

    What did you love about House No.6? The industrial accessories, the amazing lighting and the texture throughout the house with the exposed brick and weatherboard cladding.

    Where is your favourite place to buy homeware? Paris! And I love Sunbury flea markets too.

    Michelle, Marcia and Leslie at House No.6

    Michelle, actress; Marcia, training manager; Leslie, interior designer and property investor

    What do you  love about House No.6? Michelle: The unusual angle of the kitchen.

    Marcia: That this house isn’t in keeping with the period of the home, very quirky!

    Leslie: The mix of textures – wood, brick – and the industrial light fittings.

    Where do you shop for homeware? Michelle: John Lewis

    Marcia: Houzz, online stores and shops featured in magazines.

    Leslie: Rockett St George, Graham & Green and eBay.

    Which Livingetc house do you love best? Sasha & Colin Webb’s house (‘Who Dares’, LE November 2011)

    Stephen Green at House No.2

    Stephen Green, Partner in Holland & Green architectural practice

    What do you love about House No.2? The fact they have their business in the basement (mine is on my top floor) and the way they’ve linked it up with the garden.

    What’s your favourite design classic? Everyone says Eames chairs, but I prefer more unusual things, also my house is full, it’s a case of add one, take something away.

    Which Livingetc house do you love most? The one with the warehouse feel and Crittall-style rear doors, rather than bi-fold into the garden (Paul Slade and Emma Minford of Paul’s Boutique, ‘Perfect Balance’, LE Oct. 2012)

    Naomi and Natalie at House No. 6

    Naomi and Natalie, both interior designers

    What do you love about House No.6? The kitchen configuration and first floor bathroom layout

    Where do you buy homewares? Portobello markets

    Which Livingetc house do you love most? House No.4 today, particularly the TV room and the lighting.

    Kary Pun at House No.2

    Kary Pun, Web Designer from South London

    Which was your favourite house today?  The one I volunteered at, House No.6. because it was so full of texture and it had a feel of cosiness and midcentury modernity to it. I liked the fact the house brought the outdoors in and the experimentation with the cladding indoors was just brilliant and innovative. I’m torn between which I preferred, the kitchen or lounge. And I fell in love with the pipe-like lighting fixtures by the sofa, but also loved how Karen and Adam upcycled the Ikea cabinets with salvaged wood.

    What’s your favourite design classic? The Eames DSW chair with maple base. For me, it is effortlessly beautiful and timeless.

    Beth Littlewood in House No.2

    Beth Littlewood, studying the Diploma in Art & Design at  UCA Farnham

    What do you love about House No.2? It feels lived  in, I like the use of colour too. The best design is a collection of eclectic things.

    What’s your favourite design classic? Just any type of rocking chair.

    House Tourists to be continued…next week meet some of the readers who attended The West London Tour 2013.

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