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    Damien Hirst


    Digital limited edition

    © Damien Hirst, courtesy of www.seditionart.com

    Tim Noble and Sue Webster

    Courtesy of www.seditionart.com

    Tracey Emin

    I Promise to Love You

    Digital limited edition

    © Tracey Emin, courtesy of www.seditionart.com

    Michael Craig‐Martin

    Courtesy of www.seditionart.com

    Tim Noble and Sue Webster


    Digital limited edition

    © Tim Noble and Sue Webster, courtesy of www.seditionart.com

    Enjoy Art Everywhere

    We’re lovingthe website s[edition] which gives you the opportunity to collect art by the world’s leading contemporary artists, such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, in digital format at affordable prices. Downloadable to your iPad or iPhone, every edition is numbered and sold with a unique Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

    The website includes videos of the artists themselves speaking about the change in platform for their work and how the art world is adapting to the digital world. With most people nowadays not being able to pay such high fees for original work, it’s a great opportunity to purchase at more affordable prices. We like!

    Dina, Creative Director

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