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    London-based furniture and product designer Samuel Wilkinson has done the seemingly undoable – in collaboration with Hulger, he has made the low-energy light bulb sexy. His chairs and light fittings are fabulous, too, mind.

    Describe your studio/workspace. Around my desk I have my latest designs pinned up around the walls, bits of prototypes, models and lots of books and objects for inspiration.

    Before you begin a new design, you must… Truly understand the context.

    What inspires your work? It’s a cliche but whatever is around me at the time of the design phase. I have just been to Egypt so Arabic patterns or coral might influence a new design.

    You know a design is a success when… You don’t question any of the details anymore and find it difficult to improve upon.

    The thing about being an independent designer/maker is… The freedom of expression, indulging in your ideas.

    What’s your favourite piece of design? It changes but at the moment its Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec’s Slow chair for Vitra.

    Aside from product design, I am pretty good at… Sport. I enjoy most sports, especially tennis, football, and snowboarding.

    What music do you listen to while you design? Depending on the level of concentration needed, from classical for inspiration to drum & bass for speed, currently into Maximum Balloon.

    In another life, you would be… A bird – migration sounds good. Down south for a warm winter and north for the summer.

    Any claims to fame? I have shaken hands with Bill Clinton and been on set during the filming of Casino Royale.

    What invention would change your life? A teleporter, it would save a lot of travel time.

    Are you dancing? Whenever possible.

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