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    The World According To Snowden Flood

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    We’ve been big fans of Snowden Flood for ages. It’s not just her excellent name, her designs are beautiful in their graphic celebration of landscapes both rural and urban. Her River series is a classic, and she’s now produced a new collection, Fairground. We asked her to let us peep into her creative life.

    What’s great about being an independent designer-maker? Precisely that – being independent. I spent my formative years working in New York for a prestigious architecture and interiors firm designing bespoke products for wealthy clients. I spent lots of time going to international trade shows and meeting manufacturers and gained plenty of experience making products – but frustratingly not always the ones I wanted to make! I was constantly coming up with designs that I wanted to develop, but never had the time to see them through.  Having my son freed me up work on my own projects and it was then that I developed the first of my ‘iconic landmarks’ as cushion designs – and the rest is history!

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    Heston’s time travels

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    Is this a glazed china ornament? Is it a plastic peach? No, it is, of course, a meat fruit, c.1500, made from mandarin, chicken liver parfait and grilled bread.

    All this can only mean one thing – Heston Blumenthal has finally come to London, this morning cutting the ribbon to open his restaurant Dinner By Heston (we’re a bit disappointed the ribbon wasn’t made from a massive rasher of bacon, or solidified strawberry jam or something…). Set in the marbled halls of the Mandarin Oriental, this place is a far cry from Bray, and the food will move away from the snail’s porridge – but not very far.

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