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    This week’s beautiful book: Decade

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    NASA/courtesy of nasaimages.org

    This beautiful image of the first moments of the new Millenium creeping over the planet is the beginning of a photojournalism journey through the last ten years. Decade is a collection of 500 photographs of moments that defined the Noughties – whether they’re beautiful, tragic, celebratory or enraging – as well as themed essays.

    Tony Kyriacou/Rex Features

    Maximillien Brice© CERN

    Patrick Pyszka

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    We ♥ Christmas windows: no.2 Stella McCartney

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    Pity Stella McCartney’s electricity bill come January, given the wattage being consumed by the flashing display in her Mayfair shop window!

    The fashion designer known for her upmarket urban look must have had her tongue firmly in her cheek when agreeing to a festive frontage which is surely more Oxford Street than Conduit Street? Love it or loathe it, you can’t help but notice it… Wonder what the neighbours think? Neil, Dep ed

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